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Greek - MQF Level 2 - Language Learning / Tagħlim tal-Lingwi

Delivered from October 2018 to May 2019.
Entry Requirements
Learners must have successfully completed MQF Level 1 in Greek.
Learning Outcomes
  • Tell and describe (using simple words and phrases) pictures and situations.
  • Write messages, short notes and simple sentences using the right tense and the concept of aspect.
  • Describe topics and activities concerning everyday matters.
  • Write sentences using the verbal system of Modern Greek, that is the tense and the aspect, the latter being expressed by the two different stems (the stem of the present and the stem of the aorist).
  • Write complete sentences in plain Greek using vocabulary at an intermediate level
  • Match questions and answers; find a suitable title for a text; write a short paragraph describing oneself.
  • Write names, locations, cities, geographical locations so as to familiarize with the Greek landscape today. This will help the student to appraise his/her competence in using the Greek words in writing.
  • Recite a standard phrase either from everyday communicative language or a saying or a song.
  • Describe a picture and its contents in simple words.
  • Communicate with a colleague or in groups through role-play.
  • Identify Greek speech in any case: live speech; recorded speech including songs.
  • Understand spoken speech and being able to understand the meaning of brief messages, such as announcements.
  • Identifying traditional Greek customs, songs, foods and images in general.
  • Recalling stories, historical facts about Greece.
  • Describing Greek civilisation, history in brief using simple words and sentences.
Methods of Teaching
Discussions, fieldwork and role-play.
General Objectives
  • To facilitate communication using vocabulary and phrases in Greek related to everyday life and representative of the home, work, social and public settings.
  • To enable the learner to master a good knowledge without necessarily being in a familiar environment.
  • To further one’s learning programme and gain access to further training.
Oral exercises, workbook and final examination.
General Education Award in Greek. The NCFHE deems this GEA (15 credits) to be at Level 2 of the MQF.
Access to next level of education/training
Start/End Date
Days and Time
LMSD023Msida Lifelong Learning Centre - Qrejten Str (annexe to Junior College)N/A03/10/2018 - 29/05/2019Wednesday 17:30-20:30