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Acting & Drama - MQF Level 3 (1st Year) - Visual and Performing Arts

October 2018 - May 2019
Entry Requirements
Level 2 certificate or equivalent or experience and audition
Learning Outcomes

a) Establish sound objective criteria to observe and study the behaviour and manners of conduct of others, which is a much needed exercise in the portraying of characters for future theatre productions;
b) Be responsible for making intricate judgements in the decision-making processes;
c) Accumulate an array of wide ranging artistic choices to use them at his/her disposal;
d) Build up the necessary discipline to create coherent ensemble in formal performance in a two hander (duet) or a small cast of six or a large cast of fifteen;
e) Comply with directorial observations on and off-stage;
f) Observe and objectively criticise constructively his/her own work and that of others.
g) Keep abreast with own internal and external resources such as physical, mental, emotional and vocal cognizance, as well as  spatial interaction.
h) Evaluate own learning in improving self-awareness and interactive skills through group brainstorming sessions for devised theatre and by attempting to criticise constructively own work and that of others. 
i) Investigate ways in developing aesthetic appreciation and recognition by engaging in dramatic expression, contrasting other art forms and articulating personal reactions to these other art forms (music, dance, art, and media).
j) Identify ways with which drama can be created with the use of images, poems and other forms of written text, sculptures and statues, music.


Methods of Teaching
Theory and practice
General Objectives

a) Research connections of drama to its wider perspective by way of describing how theatre reflects life, getting to know what careers exist in theatre, and investigating the audience responses to theatre. 
b) Study methods of practising drama as a learning tool such as creating roles and drama from concepts taken from social studies, languages, science, etc.

Continuous assessment and an end of term play.
Level 3
Access to next level of education/training
Yes - Level 4
Start/End Date
Days and Time
MSDD06AMalta School of Drama and DanceN/A01/10/2018 - 31/05/2020Wednesday 17:59-19:29, Friday 17:59-19:29
MSDD06BMalta School of Drama and DanceN/A01/10/2018 - 31/05/2020Wednesday 17:59-19:29, Friday 17:59-19:29
MSDD06CMalta School of Drama and DanceN/A01/10/2018 - 31/05/2020Wednesday 17:59-19:29, Friday 17:59-19:29
GSD007Visual & Performing Arts School GozoN/A03/10/2018 - 29/05/2019Wednesday 15:30-17:00, Friday 17:15-18:45