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Flamenco - Curso III - Visual and Performing Arts

October 2018 - May 2019
Entry Requirements
Curso II
Learning Outcomes

Continue to explore the theoretical and practical aspects of flamenco (Tangos,

Bulerias ,Fandangos, Sevillanas and Rumba).
-Be able to  dance Tangos, Bulerías, Fandangos,
Sevillanas and Rumba to a basic but more complex level.
- Know of the origins and the general history
behind each of the dances studied.
- Continue to discover Spanish culture through its music and dance.
- Begin to recognize and distinguish each one of the
rhythms studied.
- Learn group choreographies of a basic nature.
- Learn to appreciate and enjoy the art of dance, especially Flamenco dance.
- Benefit from the aptitudes inherent to dance such as team work, responsibility, cultural and social tolerance, and an increased awareness of their own capibilities. "
Methods of Teaching
General Objectives

 Please refer to learning outcomes. 

Continuous assessment based on studio work and performance
Certificate of attendance
Access to next level of education/training
Start/End Date
Days and Time
MSDD33Malta School of Drama and DanceN/A01/10/2018 - 31/05/2019Saturday 12:29-13:29